The True Cost of Trade Times

How much is trade costing your facility?

Find out by using our trade time cost calculator.

We have set it with average stats from our clients, but we encourage you to change the numbers to match your facility’s specifics.

Need help understanding a specific number? See explanations below the chart.

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Playable Days In A Year: We all lose days to poor weather, subtract those days from 365 to come up with your playable days.

Trade Time Sell Through %: If 1000 trade rounds are available in a year at your facility and 800 sell, then that is an 80% sell through rate. 80-85% is the common result

Daily Trade Times: How many trade times does your facility offer each day?

Average Trade Time Sell Price: Go to you trade time providers’ (TTP) site and see what they are selling that trade time for, enter that number. It is best to look at the whole week and average that out.

Revenue Booked Via Trade Time Providers: How much revenue is coming via your TTP’s website. **Be sure NOT to include revenue that comes via your course’s website just because you have their booking engine on it.

Incremental Revenue %: When looking at all the revenue that came in via your TTP, how much of that revenue is new? Meaning you wouldn’t have received it through your previous marketing efforts. 10-20% is the common result

Commission %: What is the commission rate you pay your TPP?